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Learn about our latest book release “Fixing the Fates”. While you’re browsing, listen to our radio show “Dropping In”.

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Connect with our staff for author coaching, development, professional editing or book a consultation with a Publishing Agent.


One-on-One conversation with a published author and publishing professional just might help you find your way to your true story. Discover how impactful a one hour session can have on your writing process.

Manuscript Development

Support for your non-fiction or fiction manuscript. Check out our process positively designed to excavate your themes and guide you to literary success.


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Submit a section or chapter of your written work for professional markup and feedback. Enjoy the rewards the rewriting process will have on your finished manuscript work of art.

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Schedule a consultation with a Publishing Agent to receive guidance on approaching the correct agents and publishers that suit your style and genre.

Radio Show: Dropping In

Diane Dewey, host of the Dropping In radio show, addresses the subject of identity with authors, entertainers and musicians. These interviews take on a ton of different points of view on such questions as:

  • Who Am I?
  • How did I become Who I am?
  • Who am I becoming?
  • What makes me who I am?
  • How can I get more of who I am?

Writers of memoirs comprise the initial interviews of a thirteen week series running from January 17 – April 10, 2020.

Empowering others to tell their stories and find their truth.


Fridays 8AM PT – 11AM ET – 5PM CET


Public Speaking

Diane Dewey travels the country sharing her compelling story of truth and lies, as found in her latest book “Fixing the Fates”. Her remarkable true story of family secrets and the ensuing turmoil that affects a family when lies are unraveled. Diane’s live storytelling is captivating, vivid and honest. Your audience will be both mesmerized and impacted by the unfolding truth.

Development Process

When you engage the TruNord Media team to collaborate with you on your non-fiction or fiction manuscript, you can expect a sincere, honest approach to your project. The team will thoughtfully provide positive criticism feedback with an aim to guide you along the path of literary success.

1. Overall Response and Analysis

The TruNord Media team will dive into your manuscript and provide you with a written response and thoughtful analysis.

2. Structural Advice

TruNord will provide structural advice so that your manuscript flows smoothly for your readers.

3. Themes and Takeaways

One of TruNord’s greatest gifts, is the ability to excavate a theme and hone in on key takeways.

4. Broadening Strategically

When working with the team at TruNord Media, you will experience the rewards of manifesting under-utilized story lines that need to be expanded or deepened. These insights will enrichen your story.

5. Support and Encouragement

You may write alone, but you are not alone in this process. Our team will provide emotional support when you hit blocks or lose your enthusiasm to write. Positive encouragement from the TruNord team will keep your manuscript moving forward.

5. Professional Copy Editing

Did we mention you aren’t you’re never alone in this process? Writers in our Development Program enjoy the benefits of professional copy editing.

7. Publishing Agent Consultation

Committed writers in our Development Program who meet selection criteria will get a consultation with publishing agent on your manuscript. This valuable last step provides guidance on approaching the correct agents and publishers that suit your style and genre.

Fixing the Fates

Published by She Writes Press on June 4, 2019

Gulf Coast author Diane Dewey writes a memoir of family secrets, lies, love, and redemption. Adopted in America from a German orphanage, she met her Swiss biological father at age forty-seven after he searched for her. The impact of uncovering these roots was Diane’s quest to find her German biological mother and learn her story. These discoveries reverberated throughout her life in myriad unexpected ways.


To discover and communicate what writers and other artists have to say about who we are.

About The Staff

Diane Dewey is the author of the 2019 award winning memoir, Fixing the Fates, published by She Writes Press. She’s contributed non-fiction articles about living as an adoptee and questioning one’s identity in over twenty on-line journals and radio shows. Her educational background includes a BA at Villanova University, a certificate from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, and an MS in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University that Diane has applied to counseling adopted children and to her writing. She’s worked for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum NY, The National Academy, a private art gallery, and founded her own art appraisal dynasty business. Throughout, Diane attended non-fiction writing courses at New York University School of Continuing Studies and has participated writing workshops in the U.S. (including Eckerd College Writers in Paradise) and abroad (The Art of Writing, LaPoterie, Spannocchia) as well as being a panelist (Millbrook Literary Festival and others.)

Diane Dewey speaking


“I have participated with Diane in several formal writers’ workshops and as part of a small group of amateur writers who meet once or twice a month. In every case, Diane’s comments on the work she reads are unfailingly insightful. Whether she’s reading simple stories written by a grandmother for her little ones or a full-length workshop manuscript, Diane has a gift for getting to the heart of what will make the work sing. She is quite remarkable at this. She has stunned me more than once with her perceptive and discerning, perfectly on-point, and always kind commentary.”

Vicki McCash Brennan

journalist, educator and memoirist

“Diane has been instrumental in my growth as a writer, when we first met I wrote in long winded sentences with no punctuation, with her caring and gentle feedback I have developed a sense of flow and structure in the way I tell a story, and that is a priceless gift to a budding writer!”

Annette Venable


Vicki Brennan Headshot

Vicki McCash Brennan has been a newspaper and magazine editor for 25 years. As a reporter and writer in South Florida, she edited a gigantic large regional parenting magazine and was an assistant business editor for the South Florida Sun Sentinel. In 2008, she jumped into transitioned to teaching high school journalism. Turning to hobbyist freelance editing and writing, she continues to work for the Journalism Education Association as a mentor to high school journalism advisers. Vicki has written national journalism curriculum and contributed to the editing section of a major journalism publication textbook. With a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia, her education knowledge of Associated Press style is both broad and deep, but she is also a prodigy at comfortable working in MLA and APA style.

Susanne Morrell headshot

Susanne Morrell is a writer and editor of 30 years’ experience who has lent her skills to conservation, sustainable development, financial inclusion, oil and gas, professional services and the pharmaceutical industry, etc etc etc amongst others. British by birth, but with a marriage and career that has seen her live and raise a family on multiple three continents, she is a vivacious voracious reader and a keen observer of people and language.


April Eberhardt headshot

After 25 years as a corporate strategist and consultant, April Eberhardt joined the literary world as head reader for Zoetrope: All-Story, a literary magazine, followed by five years as an agent with two San Francisco-based literary agencies. She holds an MBA from Boston University in Marketing and Finance, a BA from Hamilton (Kirkland) College in Anthropology and French, and a CPLF degree from the University of Paris. She represents clients worldwide, and divides her time between San Francisco, New York and Paris.

Until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter.

African Proverb

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Re-writing is where the magic often happens.

First Run Through

A thorough reading of your manuscript by Diane Dewey. The perspective from a published author and publishing professional just might help you find your way to your true story.

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Receive initial reactions and overall thoughts.


Manuscript Coaching Services

For manuscript coaching services with Diane, including thematic analysis, takeaway, character development and restructuring.


We will cap the number of hours based on the project.


Copy Editing

Submit a section or chapter of your written work for professional markup and assessment feedback.


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